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Terms of Service

Last updated: 18 February 2021

Sync (collectively ”we,” ”us,“ ”our“) is a Service that enables Users to synchronize activities like watching YouTube and Netflix and listening to Spotify. The Service is accessible through Clients, for example, a web browser extension.

The Service consists of the following components:

Each component of the Service adheres to the Legal Documents present on the Main Website:

Notice of Agreement

Any form of usage of the Service constitutes accepting the Legal Documents available on the Main Website. If you do not agree to our Legal Documents, please refrain from using our Service.

Accuracy Disclaimer

The Websites and Legal Documents are for informational purposes, and we are not responsible or liable for their accuracy, usefulness, or liability.

Intellectual Property

The Service is owned and operated by Phoqe, a sole proprietorship registered in Sweden.


We are not associated with any third-party advertisers, and we do not show any third-party ads. However, we reserve the right to display our ads in components of our Service. First-party ads include but are not limited to: emails and in-app notifications highlighting new features and improvements.

Payment Policy

We use Stripe as our payment processor, i.e., the entity taking care of transactions. We do not store, handle, or process any sensitive information regarding your payment on our Service.

The supported payment methods are:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Refund Policy

Payments to Sync are final and won’t be refunded. If you have any questions about your transaction, please contact us.

Account Limitations

We reserve the right to disable or terminate your account without cause or notice at any time. The rationale behind disabling or removing your account stems from the Legal Documents.

Disabled accounts are unable to access the Clients of the Service. Your account may be disabled indefinitely unless specified. We will remove terminated accounts from the Service, including any associated data.

Notification of Changes

We may change the contents of the Legal Documents without notice. However, we will notify you through email or with an in-app notification when significant changes impact your account.

Changes to the Legal Documents take effect immediately. We obligate ourselves to present the date of the last update in the header of the document.

Single Source of Truth

The document hosted on the Main Website is the single truth source. You can disregard any other form attempting to reflect the contents of this document.

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