Something unclear?

Here are some common questions and answers. Should cover your queries.


It’s all about you. And your friends, of course.

I don‘t want to create an account. Can I still use Sync?

No. You need an account to use Sync.

We plan to support anonymous accounts in the future.

In short, we only care about your name, avatar, email, and linked accounts.

Read more about the data we collect and how we process it in Privacy.

You can link your Spotify and Discord account in Settings > Links.

You need a Spotify Premium account to use Spotify with Sync.

In Settings > Account, click Delete.

Deleted accounts can’t be recovered. All data associated with your account will be deleted.


It’s like a room, or a Call of Duty lobby. You’re there with your friends, basically.

Where is my Session ID?

In Session > > Session ID.

You can also copy it from the Syncers tab.

In Activities, paste the URL of the YouTube video, Netflix track, or Spotify song into Activity URL and press Enter.

Supported activity types:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

Session hosts may disable certain activity types.

Send them your Session ID.

No. You can’t change the host of an active session. You must create a new session.


No subscriptions. No monthly fees. Not pay-to-win.

How do I upgrade to Pro?

You can only upgrade to Pro from the browser extension.

In Settings > Account, click Upgrade.

Payments are processed by Stripe.

Pro is nothing fancy. It’s a way of supporting the maintenance of the project. You do get some perks:

  • 10 syncers. Sync with 9 friends at the same time.
  • Custom Session ID. Make it easier for your friends to join.
  • Pro badge. Flex your support in sessions.
  • Pro role in Discord. Access to a private channel.
  • Beta access. Preview features before everyone else.

It’s a one-time payment and lasts forever. Once you’re in the family, you’re in for good.

No. All purchases are final. No refunds are provided.

If you don’t like Pro, tell us how we can improve.